Friday, December 29, 2006

A whole month???!

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I posted! I'm going to get better at this! Well, what's happened in this month? Hmm....the same running back and forth to karate...taking kids to school...doing PTO things...Christmas shopping and wrapping presents! Boy, am I glad THAT'S over! I love Christmas! Really! It's the shopping and wrapping presents I hate. I did manage to get a few gifts made. I made clipboards for my ds's and youngest dd's teachers. I made some earrings and domino necklaces for our nieces..which, of course, I forgot to take pictures of! I stress over Christmas gift giving way too much. I'm always worried the person won't like what I gave them. I think next year we'll tone down our gift giving a bit. Especially to our 3 children. They get way more than they need! I hope everyone of you had a wonderful holiday! Did you get what you wanted? I got a cute sweatshirt with Grumpy on it that says 'Moody' from my kids. My DH got me a shirt that says 'Doesn't Play Well With Others'. lol He also got me a shirt from our karate school, which I actually picked out. Each of the kids got one too. I ordered myself the Traci Bautista book 'Collage UnLEASED' and that's from his also. I hope it comes today! I'm so excited!
Can you believe it's almost 2007!? Do you have any resolutions?? I'll share mine later in the week.

Have a great day!

The pics today are of the clipboards I made.