Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Well, here it is! 2007! Ready for a new year? Last night my sister-in-law and her husband came over after church. We ate pizza, watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and they attempted to teach me to play Rook. I'm still learning! My youngest DD was the only one of my 3 children to make it til midnight. I had her taking pics of everyone. This morning we're eating some cinnamon rolls and later today we'll eat our traditional meal. Pork and sauerkraut, black-eyed peas, some sort of greens and I'll include mashed potatoes and rolls. We eat this every year. We all take at least a bite of everything whether we like it or not. It's tradition! Partly northern and partly southern. We'll probably play more games today and just relax at home. Do you have any traditions? Well, I said I'd list my here they are....
1. Delve more deeply into my art. I really want to be more creative this year. I'll be reading the book 'The Artist's Way' and trying to create a little something every day.
2. Try to lose about 10-15 pounds and get myself into shape by eating healthier and exercising more. Granted, I take karate several days a week, but I need to add to it.
3. Train harder in karate. Time to get serious!
4. Love more and judge less. Learn some patience.

I'm sure I'll add to this as the year goes. There are so many areas in my life that need improvement. Baby steps....

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May your year to come be filled with peace, love and all that you need.

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